e-Liquid Facts

Nicotine Level

We recommend you DO NOT vape anything stronger than 24 mg/ml.

If you smoked full flavor cigarettes, you will probably enjoy 24 or 18 mg/ml.

If you smoked light cigarettes, you will probably enjoy 18 or 12 mg/ml.

If you smoked ultra light cigarettes, you will probably enjoy 6 mg/ml.

Of course, we also offer zero nicotine e-liquid.

PG-VG Blend

Tank Blend is 75% PG - 25% VG.

It is a thinner liquid that wicks well in tanks, clearomizers, and cartomizers.

It gives more throat hit, so more of a smoking feeling.

Max-VG is 70-80% VG.

It is thicker, so it will not wick in plastic tanks, clearomizers, and cartomizers.  

It can only be used in sub-ohm tanks and drippers (RDAs)

It is smoother, with little or no throat hit.


My Aunt Florence used to say, "Everybody's different."

That is very true ... especially when it comes to taste buds.

You might not like a flavor that another person vapes all day, everyday.

Be sure to order the smallest size until you are certain that you like a flavor.