What is San Francisco thinking?

Posted by Leo on 4/3/2019
What is San Francisco thinking?
In an effort to curb teen vaping, San Francisco has a plan to punish Juul by banning sales of e-cigarettes ... but their heavy-handed, ill-conceived plan will accomplish the exact opposite of it's intended outcome.

Now, I hate Juul as much as the next guy ... Juul sucks.  I believe that, before they got caught, they WERE marketing to kids.  But there's more ... with Juul's sky-high nicotine levels, I am convinced they are trying to get people hooked on nicotine.  That marketing philosophy is in stark contrast to (almost) every other company in the industry.  Most e-liquid and vape companies, including my own USVaporShop.com, don't expect to have customers for life.  We expect, and encourage, our customers to gradually ween themselves off of nicotine altogether.

But San Francisco plans to ban ALL sales of e-cigarettes, with hopes that they can keep Juul out of school (I just made up that tagline, so if you hear anyone else using it, make sure I get credit.)  Unfortunately, San Francisco is doing what short-sighted, ill-informed, "progressive" politicians always do ... the wrong thing, the wrong way.

No one will dispute that teen smoking is WAY down, and e-cigarette use is the obvious reason why.  So, it's obvious that if e-cigarettes are banned, teen smoking will go right back up. (This is getting interesting ... let's see where it goes.)  Tobacco cigarettes will still be sold in San Francisco, and no one can dispute that tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of hazardous chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer in humans.  Compare that to the FOUR ingredients in most e-liquids, NONE of which are known to be hazardous.  So ... San Francisco would rather it's teens smoked.  I wonder if we'll see this headline on the front page of the Examiner, "San Francisco Encourages Teen Smoking."

But what about adult vapers?  Surely adults will still have access to vapor products ... NOPE.  San Francisco is just one of many "progressive" governments around this country that is treating it's citizens like children, too ignorant to know what is good for them.

I can't think of a better way to say it myself, so I'll end with a quote from Greg Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, "Cigarettes and cigars with well-documented health risks could be sold more widely as a result. No youth should vape, but no politician should try to enact modern-day prohibition. It is hard for San Francisco to get even more absurd, but this proposal and the rhetoric around it is absolutely insane."

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